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The art of Body Piercing

at Adikt Ink


Are you more...


Or Tongue, Septum or Tragus? Whatever your preferred style, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s your first piercing or you’d like to expand your collection, our piercers are here to guide you through every step of the process. With your health and safety in mind, we use only the finest titanium jewelry, manufactured with threadless and internally threaded models. And of course, our team will provide you with detailed instructions for the healing process, allowing you to enjoy your new piercing with complete peace of mind.

Meet the team



Meet Jorge, our dedicated body piercer and shop manager at Adikt Ink Luxembourg. Jorge has an unparalleled passion for the piercing craft and focuses on ear, belly button, and industrial piercings. He strives for nothing less than quality and is with his knowledge and dedication to his work a crucial element of our team.



Introducing Aya, another invaluable asset to our team. With her exceptional dedication to the craft, Aya’s main focus lies on micro-dermal and surface piercings. You can find her at Adikt Ink in Soleuvre where she warmly greets you with professionalism and is eager to discuss your piercing projects.



Meet Jeffrey, the talented manager at Adikt Ink Soleuvre, who seamlessly combines his passion for the piercing craft with his role in overseeing the shop. With a flair for creativity and innovative ideas, Jeffrey specializes in unique ear piercings that allow you to truly stand out from the crowd.



Introducing Lou, our skilled manager and piercer at Adikt Ink Mersch. Lou’s attentive nature ensures that she matches each customer’s needs, managing every situation with patience and a warm smile. Her genuine approach make her an indispensable member of our team, creating memorable piercing experiences for all.

image_123650291March 2023


Meet Jérôme, our new piercer at Adikt Ink Luxembourg. An apprentice with a passion for piercing, he’ll enthusiastically guide you in your choice of superb piercings.

Do you have any question?

Our team will be happy to help you. Simply contact us by whatsapp with any questions you may have.


How old do i have to be to get pierced?

Clients must be 18 years or older to be pierced at our location.

Earlobe piercings are offered to children starting at 3 years old.

All clients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and both must bring valid IDs. If the parent/legal guardian and child have different surnames, we require further identification to confirm guardianship i.e. a birth certificate.

For more information talk directly with your piercer.

How do I determine what size is right for me?

Everyone’s anatomy is unique and our team can help you determine the proper size so you leave feeling comfortable and excited about your new look.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Appointments are always preferred for piercings but walk-ins are welcome depending on availability.

How can I cancel or modify my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment by contacting us directly on whatsapp or by phone.

Do you pierce with a needle or a gun?

All of our piercings are performed with single use sterile needles rather than piercing guns. We do not use piercing guns as they are not very accurate and cannot be properly sterilized.

How many piercings can I get in one session?

We recommend no more than four piercings per session, but this depends on the placements and your anatomy and can be subject to change based on your piercer’s recommendation.

How much will my piercing hurt?

Pain is, of course, relative, but we do everything we can to ensure a brief, pleasurable piercing experience. If you have concerns about pain, please speak with your piercer beforehand.

Can I go to the gym after getting pierced and swimming?

It is ok to go to the gym after getting pierced, just remember to follow the aftercare advice outlined by your piercer.

We advise waiting 4 to 6 weeks to go swimming after an initial piercing. Avoid swimming in lakes or ponds while your piercing heals, as these bodies of water may contain bacteria that can interfere with the healing process.

Can I sleep on my piercing?

Sleeping on piercings can be painful, cause healing complications, and can shift the alignment of your piercing. If possible, use a travel pillow and suspend your ear in the center opening while you sleep.

How soon can I change my jewelry?

Every client heals at a different rate and healing times change based on piercing location. Speak to your piercer about healing time for your particular piercing.



  • 35, Bvd Prince Henri
  • L-1724 Luxembourg
  • Tél. : +352 27 91 55 99
  • Email : luxembourg@adiktink.com
  • Lundi au Samedi de 10 à 19hrs.


  • 195, rue de Differdange
  • L-4437 Sanem
  • Tél. : +352 26 37 89 68
  • Email : soleuvre@adiktink.com
  • Lundi au Samedi de 10 à 19hrs.


  • 33, rue de la Gare
  • L-7535 Mersch
  • Tél. : +352 26 32 23 18
  • Email : mersch@adiktink.com
  • Lundi au Samedi de 10 à 14hrs et 15 à 19hrs.
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